Libertarian Discord Servers

Libertarian Discord

This is a collection of Libertarian discord servers to meet up with other libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, agorists, Rothbardians and other liberty focused individuals.
we are trying to build an active community with multiple discord servers so Libertarian minded individuals can have a place to talk with each other and build a community online.
If there are missing servers feel free to submit them to our submit page.

The Libertarian Network

The libertarian network was created to act as a central place people could find valuable information for all the libertarian organisations and projects going on all around the world.

Market Voluntarism
Voluntarism is a philosophy that holds that all forms of human association should be voluntary, a term coined in this usage by Auberon Herbert in the 19th century, and gaining renewed use since the late 20th century, especially among libertarian anarchists. Its principal beliefs stem from the principles of self-ownership and non-aggression.

The LCU (Libertarian Centrist Union)
Libertarian Centrist Union (L.C.U.) The goal of the Libertarian Centrist Union is to take a different direction than where we have been heading politically, economically, socially, and environmentally. For too long, we have believed that we were on the right path, blindly going along with laws, regulations, and societal standards until it stopped working or began going in a bad direction. We’d stop, figure out what we believed went wrong, and implemented something that we believed would fix the issues. Instead of watching the effects of the results of the things we implemented, we found other things, people, etc. to blame when it didn’t solve the problem at all. This is something the LCU wishes to correct, we need to be aware of what has occurred in society due to our actions, as well as our inaction, in our daily lives. This is called maturity; accepting the results of our behavior and taking responsibility for it. The LCU is humanity finally standing up and saying, “Enough is enough!” We keep doing the same things, just within a slight variation and getting the same results; that is the description of insanity, and the LCU is here to clear up this political, economic, and societal insanity. To do this, we must unite amongst the people; we can no longer believe that the government is going to fix things because of the greater good. The left and the right of all the political systems and parties in all nations complain about the corruption, greed, abuse of power, etc. within the opposing parties, yet we refuse to see they are all corrupt.